These days, when people think of marketing, they think of social media. I chuckle when I share with them the good ol’ days of traditional marketing and public relations.

I rarely share the story of how I got started in marketing, but it’s worth telling here. I was 16 years old; it’s 1998 and the Internet had just begun to be accessible to the public. School was out for the summer and my Asian mother thought I had better spend my days more ‘productively’ instead of wasting them away. One day she plopped the book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to HTML on the coffee table, and the rest was (her)story.

I taught myself how to code and design websites. I turned my homework assignments into website projects so I could practice my web design skills. I got my first couple of clients from teachers at my high school. And it evolved from there.

The first decade of my career was marketing-focused, particularly in the areas of diversity education, social justice and environmental awareness.

Over the years, I have successfully branded and/or promoted, driven revenue, engagement and impact in the following products, services and projects:

  • New harm reduction technology for smokers to enjoy a cleaner, safer way to enjoy tobacco
  • Holistic and integrated leadership training programs for SME leaders and managers
  • Personal growth and success training curriculum for women of Asian heritage
  • Putting BC wine “on the map” for the Chinese luxury market segment, shipping container loads
  • Environmental stewardship program for newcomers (immigrants and refugees)
  • Empowerment programs and curriculum for multi-racial girls and women
  • An innovative “digital chalkboard” educational technology software


If my profile, background and experience are a fit for your project, I’d love to chat to learn how I can help!  

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