“Rosalyn is an excellent business coach. I attended a few of her workshops and definitely changed my perspective. I even have one of her worksheets on my top drawer at work, to keep me on track with my personal goals and passions. I recommend her fully. I took one of my business colleagues to one of her events, in that event we did an exercise about our future and personal goals, that person said that her goal was to be a business owner, be a consultant in the future. Less than two years later, she did it. I think attending the session with Rosalyn had an impact on her decision. If you are looking for a coach, give Rosalyn a call, you won’t regret it.” 

~ Halia Vallardes Montemayor, Ph.D.

Faculty, Simon Fraser University (SFU) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

“I have known Rosalyn as a coaching colleague and network referral partner for three years. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Rosalyn on many promotional projects and events. Rosalyn is a creative and generous educator and coach who seeks to understand her clients while delivering strong organizational and management solutions and directives. I have attended several of Rosalyn’s workshops.  She is an inspiring and authentic leader who gives generously, teaches powerfully, and truly cares about each participant. The most valuable asset I feel Rosalyn would bring to the team is her intuitive abilities as well as her innate desire to learn and grow. She is someone who can think on her feet and come up with creative solutions.  She is also experienced and knowledgeable in many arenas of business and education and is also open-minded, flexible and committed to growth. Rosalyn is a unique visionary leader and transformational coach/trainer that will undoubtedly bring incredible value to your organization and will take your business to the next level.”

Zoey Wren

Women’s Empowerment & Relationship & Intimacy Coach (Nelson, British Columbia, Canada)

“My experience of Rosalyn has always been of integrity and professionalism. She is a great businesswoman because she is detail oriented. She takes the task at hand by the reins and isn’t afraid to give feedback whether you want to hear it or not. Rosalyn is forthright in leading others towards their ultimate goal. This is through her charismatic ability to expand the consciousness of those who work with her.”

Charmaine Lee

Mindful Success Systems Inter-Relationship Communication Specialist, Transformational Coach, Author & Speaker (Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rosalyn in a variety of roles. She is a trusted “go-to” woman for advice and solutions in my business and ventures. She is clear, concise and creative in her work and I trust her judgment and insights completely. She is a razor sharp business professional and wild woman shamanness all rolled into one and I am always grateful for her advice and assistance!”

Elise Jené aka Surya Devi

Transformational Artist & Healer (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

“Rosalyn has a heart-based approach when it comes to guiding and coaching a group. She really intends to make a difference on a level that involves team. Whether you’re a small or medium sized company – when you have a group of leaders on your team – her training is incredibly powerful. Rosalyn shares the tools and methods to be able to witness empowerment within your team of leaders. Your business will excel beyond expectation!”

Tina Ebrahimi

Vice-President Sales, Palagon Commercial Properties, (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

“Rosalyn helped to clarity my mission statement and what really matters to me and provided strategic steps to make my vision a reality. She draws upon her own experiences and transformation when she is coaching – I experience her as someone who listens with empathy, who is able to provide authentic, practical strategies or roadmaps for her clients to discover what works for their individual needs. She also takes a powerful stands for the unique needs and contributions of women in business. I felt cared for and heard during our coaching sessions. She approached our sessions with compassion and patience, always looking for ways to acknowledge and celebrate progress. Thank you, Rosalyn!

Jenny Wijesinghe

Coach In The Kitchen, Sales & Training Manager, Western Region, Thermomix Int’l (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

“Rosalyn has a clear, defined program and she helps people to build a business that you will be passionate about, a perfect fit to bring your talents and gifts to the world. What I like about working with Rosalyn is her practical step-by-step process of building a business and brand while honouring and incorporating my ideals, passions and dreams. Her ability to listen, understand where I am at, deliver what I need at each step along the way, pull me back or push me forward when needed, keep me focused and accountable, and provide clarity along the way was such a gift. I am truly grateful to have had her as a coach and mentor.”

Katherine Willems

Registered Interior Designer, Be the Change Design Group (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

“Rosalyn is a gorgeous balance of masculine and feminine leadership. As a mentor to leaders, she deeply understands the path of leadership and what it takes to be a CEO. From years of experience, she has grown to identify and understand the unique gaps that most leaders have and how to close those gaps so that they can create a life of effective impact, nourishing team building and management, life work balance and freedom of expression.”

Sage Lavine

Founder & CEO of Women Rocking Business (Santa Cruz, California, U.S.A.)


“Rosalyn was an indispensable part of our team during a performance-critical period ensuring that all of the 30 retail activations were successfully executed for our client CLIF. She possessed the leadership and creative problem solving required to forecast trouble spots and resolve issues on-site. She was 100% reliable—we trusted that she would deliver on the activations even as our head office was in Ontario. She was a clear and excellent communicator, able to provide valuable insights from the field, and a key factor in the successful launch of our retail activations program. Given her marketing and training expertise, attention to detail, and exemplary work ethic, I have no doubt that you will find Rosalyn to be an invaluable contributor to your team and on any project.”

Brian Scarcello

Senior Account Manager, MOSAIC Sales Solutions (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)


“Rosalyn has been amazing at introducing and guiding me into new territory for my business development. I trust her direction, her approach and her partnership. She has been an anchor throughout this whole process, which has been invaluable. Rosalyn embodies what an authentic and truly inspiring leader should be. Thank you Rosalyn!”

Laura Spencer

Leadership & Fertility Coach (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)