I love coaching. I love being a coach;

I love to coach and to be coached. 

I’ve had dozens of coaches, formal and informal, paid and unpaid, in-person and virtual. I have invested over $100K in coaching and coaching training in various areas of my life including: business, money, love, family relationships, health, etc. This number may shock you, but if you understood where I came from, who I was and what I struggled with, you’ll understand that I didn’t magically become the woman that I am today overnight. It took years. It took work. And love. And coaching.

I ‘fell’ into coaching by ‘accident’, when I began helping small businesses as a marketing consultant circa 2010.  I discovered that sometimes my clients needed more coaching than consulting. Sometimes they needed training. Other times they needed mentoring. Yet other times, they needed healing. I’ve taken it upon myself to cultivate these ‘complimentary side dishes’ that my clients needed me to bring to the table. I’ve come to learn that no matter the person, the place, or the problem, coaching remains the ‘main course’! So today, my coaching style is a unique hybrid approach that I’ve cultivated over a decade of experience. 

While I respect the institutions who offer formal accredited training in coaching and those who have trained with them, I am someone who coaches with honour and humility from the legacy of my teachers and mentors, from the wisdom gained in my life and business experience, and from everything that I have learned from past clients.

What can we work on in coaching? Glad you asked.

Over the past decade, I have coached:

Students to access their own inner compass for a career that is right for them… and really it’s about feeling like they have the inner confidence to navigate their budding career even when they don’t know what they want or what they are doing

  • New Immigrants & Refugees to find work… and really it’s about connecting to their inner strength and resilience to build a new life in a strange country
  • Leaders & Executives to overcome stress, burnout and overwhelm, to recover from past business failures, to manage their time and energy, to elevate their leadership so that they can delegate and grow team… and really it’s about them feeling unburdened, less ‘lonely at the top’ and that someone actually gets them
  • Entrepreneurs & Founders to birth their vision, grow their company from baby to toddler to teenager and beyond, or transition from one stage to another, architect a sustainable business model, create sales and marketing systems, etc… and really it’s about feeling on purpose, monetizing their passions and channeling their creativity to make an impact
  • Professionals and Career Changers to strategize a game plan for their transition that both holds and challenges them… and really it’s about having a softer place to land (other than their own couch or bed) when they feel they can’t fly so high anymore
  • My family – ha! I wish. Word of advice – don’t coach your family members if you are a coach 😉  Send them to a third-party professional!

From 2015-2020, I coached under my business and executive coaching brand, The Conscious CEO Experience, which has now closed.

Starting December 2020, I am thrilled to offer customizable 1:1 coaching that adds the following skills and modalities that I’ve cultivated and internalized over the last few years: 

  • Opening sacred space through the Four Directions as taught to me by teachers in the Qu’echuan shamanic medicine tradition and/or divine prayer connecting to Christ consciousness
  • Stone mapping, which is a visual representation of the coaching question or issue
  • Meditation, visualization, breathwork, dreamwork, yoga, reading/devotion to enhance connection with yourself
Rosalyn C Raindancer

How long does a coaching relationship last?

I recommended a coaching commitment of 90 days to create an appropriate container for transformation. However, coaching can shift things for you in as little as 90 minutes (one session) or longer than 90 days if desired. Longer is not always better, and I encourage clients to choose the right duration for them, take breaks to integrate the work, and return again.

Coaching groups and masterminds will be available in summer 2021.

To inquire about coaching with me, or to have an intake form sent to you, drop me a line at 

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